The Design for Additive Manufacturing Worksheet


The Worksheet (DfAM Worksheet)

The DfAM worksheet is designed for new and infrequent users of 3D printing and other additive manufacturing technologies.  This sheet is best suited for

  • Makers
  • Engineering students
  • Professional engineers who use AM only occasionally
  • Professionals who outsource their 3D printing/AM jobs.
  • Anyone new to 3D printing

Developing the Sheet
I developed this worksheet in August 2015 to tie together my 3D printing experience and pass it on to others.  I also verified the worksheet with several experts in additive manufacturing, including Mike Sherwood (Mech. Eng. 3D printing lab), Dr. Huston and Anna Bowen (Boilermaker Lab), and Dr. Kramer and her students (Faboratory, advanced soft robotics research lab).  I also consulted with Dr. Starkey who teaches machine design and senior design at Purdue.

The worksheet is currently being tested in the Boilermaker Lab and the Faboratory.

Using the Worksheet

The worksheet was designed to be easy to use.  Take the part you plan to print and rate it using the worksheet.  It will give you a recommendation to redesign or proceed, depending on your score. It also recommends if additive manufacturing is a good process for creating your part.  The scales you use to rate the part are also designed to give you heuristics you can use to improve your part.

The first time using the sheet will be take a few minutes.  After that, you will be able to use the sheet in only a few seconds.

Good luck and I would love to hear about any experiences you have using the DfAM worksheet!


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