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Design Qualifier Exam

These images are from my design qualifier exam in 2011.  The design problem was to design a gearbox that connected a Kinect camera to a robot body.  However, the design needed to be child-proof and resist a 3ft drop. My conceptual design included a gearbox and a compliant torque limiter.  The gear train uses a […]

Can-Collecting Robot

My mechatronics team was assigned to make a robot that could collect 5 bean-cans on a field and drop them into a hole.  The entire robot had to fit within a 1 ft^3 volume, but could unfold after it was started.  Although our robot was camera-shy for the competition (it ran fine between official trials, […]

Senior Capstone Project

For our senior-level capstone project, my team and I developed an improved interlocking brick for use in developing countries. When used for houses smaller than 30’x30′, it may reduce the cost of construction up to 30%.  Our team consisted of Joey Kent, Emily Savage, Stanton Woods, and me. Our project received a lot of attention […]

Thread Theory Clothing App

This video describes a app design our team developed through ME 553, Product and Process Design. The design focuses heavily on customer needs and process design and a business plan.

ASME IDETC conference in August 2012.

A photo of me and a lab-mate in Chicago attending the IDETC conference for design.

Teaching 5th Graders Engineering Sketching Skills

I was asked to run a short workshop for at-risk youth on something related to engineering. I showed them how visualization and sketching are used by engineers to develop new ideas. The kids loved it, and I still have many of their drawings.