Portfolio_JBooth Design Projects

Can Collecting Robot (see video), M.E. 588 Mechatronics

DFM, DFA, and Improved Functionality of a High-End R/C Vehicle Shock Absorber, M.E. 557 Design for Manufacturability

SENIOR DESIGN: Interlocking Compressed Soil Block Press for a Kenyan Home-Builders, M.E. 475/476 Capstone, Fall 2009-Spring 2010

Design of Instruments and Test Rigs, M.E. 363 Instrumentation

Design and Manufacture of a Fully Articulated Lap Desk, M.E. 282 Manufacturing

Conceptual Designs

Clothing Selector and Shopping Assistant App, M.E. 553 Product and Process Design

Optimization of a Compliant Torque Limiter, Aero. E. 550 Multidisciplinary Optimization


Integrated Design of a Military Rescue Helicopter, Aero. E. 551 Design Theory


Design of a Compliant Suspension for a Monoski, M.E. 538 Compliant Mechanisms

Design and Analysis of a Plane Toy for Humanitarian Aid Packages, M.E. 372 Machine Design

Hobby Projects

Building an igloo from scratch

P1030392 P1030408

Humanitarian work in Mexico

CAD model of a trombone done in CATIA

The Trombone Again

Academic Projects

Sketching Workshops

Literature Analyses: Cognition in Sketching and Prototyping and Design as Visual Thinking, Eng. Ed 620 Design Cognition

Makers Club, Dec 2010 to Present

  • Started club for students interested in prototyping
  • Founded club, served as President for 1 year, and then as secretary
  • Coordinated with other clubs to improve services and activities

Environmental Impacts Analysis on the Life-Cycle of Two Solar Water Heaters, M.E. 597 Sustainable Design

Kinematic Analysis of a Climbing Cam and Educational Outreach, M.E. 437 Kinematics

Optimization for a Nursing Home Records Management System, M.E. 595 Product Development

Automated Design of a Battery Pack for Mass Customization, M.E. 574 Design Automation

Numerical Methods Calculator in C++, M.E. 373, Numerical Methods and Programming

Statistical Experimentation for Optimization of Feed Rate and RPM for End Milling Aluminum, Stat. 332 Statistics and Design of Experiments

Testing of Light Bulb and Properties of Boiling Water, M.E. 321 Thermodynamics


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