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Design Portfolio

I have now created a .pdf version of my portfolio.  You can find the high resolution version here.

Design Qualifier Exam

These images are from my design qualifier exam in 2011.  The design problem was to design a gearbox that connected a Kinect camera to a robot body.  However, the design needed to be child-proof and resist a 3ft drop. My conceptual design included a gearbox and a compliant torque limiter.  The gear train uses a […]


Senior Capstone Project

For our senior-level capstone project, my team and I developed an improved interlocking brick for use in developing countries. When used for houses smaller than 30’x30′, it may reduce the cost of construction up to 30%.  Our team consisted of Joey Kent, Emily Savage, Stanton Woods, and me. Our project received a lot of attention […]

Thread Theory Clothing App

This video describes a app design our team developed through ME 553, Product and Process Design. The design focuses heavily on customer needs and process design and a business plan.

Designing a Wind Velocimeter

For my junior-level instrumentation class, my team and I were assigned to create a device to calculate wind speed and direction.  Using parts from around the lab, we created this: This device used a hobby propeller attached to a DC motor, mounted as a windmill on a potentiometer.  The wind would cause the propeller to […]

Snow Igloo

While not strictly an engineering feat, my sisters and I constructed an igloo from snow brick over the course of two days while over break. The bricks were formed using bread pans, and I stacked them into the shape. The brick pattern is only visible on the dome because a snowstorm hit during the night […]

RotoDesk – The Posable Lap Desk

For my manufacturing processes class, we had to design and build a working device.  Our team chose to make a desk that featured a magnetic whiteboard surface and rotatable legs which would allow the desk to be positioned in any convenient way.  The desk featured a solid oak table-top, magnetic and whiteboard surface, pencil holder, […]

Rocket Thrust Test Rig

In my junior-level instrumentation and measurements course, we were required to build a test rig for a model rocket motor. This photo shows us using LabView to collect data from the strain gauges mounted on the arm.

CAD Model of a Trombone

A trombone I made in Catia in 2008 as a TA for the freshman level graphics course at BYU

CNC Milling the hinge for the RotoDesk

This is a short clip of the CNC operation for the posable desk my team and I made for our sophomore manufacturing class.