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Teaching 5th Graders Engineering Sketching Skills

I was asked to run a short workshop for at-risk youth on something related to engineering. I showed them how visualization and sketching are used by engineers to develop new ideas. The kids loved it, and I still have many of their drawings.

Representing Purdue at the Makers’ Faire 2012

The C-Design lab presented a sketching workshop for people who wanted to know how to sketch new ideas like an engineer. Elkin Talborda and I presented the workshop and Dr. Karthik Ramani discussed how the workshop fits into the broader maker culture at Purdue.

Teaching a Sketching Workshop at Makers’ Faire 2012

I continuously taught workshops to 200-300 people at the Makers’ Faire in San Mateo, CA. The workshop was developed by the C-Design lab at Purdue, and showcased at the Faire.

RotoDesk – The Posable Lap Desk

For my manufacturing processes class, we had to design and build a working device.  Our team chose to make a desk that featured a magnetic whiteboard surface and rotatable legs which would allow the desk to be positioned in any convenient way.  The desk featured a solid oak table-top, magnetic and whiteboard surface, pencil holder, […]

Rocket Thrust Test Rig

In my junior-level instrumentation and measurements course, we were required to build a test rig for a model rocket motor. This photo shows us using LabView to collect data from the strain gauges mounted on the arm.

CAD Model of a Trombone

A trombone I made in Catia in 2008 as a TA for the freshman level graphics course at BYU

CNC Milling the hinge for the RotoDesk

This is a short clip of the CNC operation for the posable desk my team and I made for our sophomore manufacturing class.

Can-Collecting Robot (Video)

My team and I built this robot over 10 weeks. The robot had to find 5 cans of beans and dump them into a hole on the other side of the field.  Our team won the competition, though due to some technical problems with one of the subsystems, we ended up tying for first. I […]