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Robotic Skins paper accepted in Science Robotics

I still have around a month before I can publish any of my results from the last two years, but my robotic skins work has finally be accepted to a Science journal!  Keep an eye out for it. Advertisements

Pneumatic Hardware Paper Accepted to Robosoft 2018!

In my work on robotic skins, one issue we had to tackled was improving the off-board hardware.  A paper describing this advance has been accepted to RoboSoft 2018 and will come out in April.  Until then, we are investigating the possibility of patenting the technology.  Once the IP question is better defined, I will provide […]

Soft Robotics Update

So, we submitted our paper to Science Robotics.  The editors sent it back with positive feedback, but we’ve been working on improving the demonstrations in it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Soft Robotics Update

Hi, guys!  It’s been a long time since I’ve updated because I have not been able to share my research yet.  I’m finally wrapping up my big project, though, and soon we will be submitting our research paper on active robotic skins.  I’ll post about it after I hear back on publication.

The Design for Additive Manufacturing Worksheet (for IDETC)

Thank you for the very positive response at IDETC for this worksheet.  This post is mostly to make it easier for those who attended IDETC to find the Design for Additive Manufacturing Worksheet. Find it here.

Simplified Manufacturing for Wet SMA Tubing

Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuators are great in soft robotics for many reasons, but a major drawback is that their response rate is largely limited by the cooling rate.  For many applications, it makes sense to cool (and heat) SMA’s with water.  However, when a wet SMA actuates, it constricts, and the tube it is […]

Miniature Painting

My wife and I enjoy playing board games together.  We have an excellent game called Mice and Mystics, which comes with unpainted figurines.  I have a few friends who paint miniatures, and I wanted to try my hand at it.  Below are the results.